Presently, auto transport operators are subjected daily to life altering accidents or even death from being placed against an unprotected edge when exiting automobiles on the head rack of a motor carrier.

Drivers must rely on their experience to safely maneuver to and from the exit ladder or exit ramps, balancing on the very narrow beam between the vehicle and edge of the trailer with little or no secure grab points for stability.

The Sure Footing Safety Platform is the change that the auto transport industry has long awaited.

With the integration of the Sure Footing Safety Platform onto the headrack, this great risk of catastrophe can be reduced significantly if not eliminated.

Features of the Sure Footing Safety Platform include:

Hydraulic Activation - Single valve hydraulic activation makes complete deployment and storage nearly effortless for the operator.

Bypass prevention - Access to stowed vehicles is limited when the platform is not in the deployed position, there by ensuring the operator will use the system every time.

Safe Surface - When in the fully deployed position, a safety platform is created to enable full safe access to the exit ladder and stowed automobiles.

Safety Cables - The operator can maneuver comfortably and securely knowing there is a secure wall of cable for grip and protection from the edge of the headrack.

Door Safety Zones - Ramps and Cables extend, providing ample room to open doors without prospect of damage to vehicles being transported.

Durable Construction - The platform has a 300lb weight capacity and has been tested under tough conditions.

Ladder exit door - lf necessary to perform tie down operations or other work, there is a flip gate to cover the ladder exit position making for a continuous platform for the entire length of the head rack.

Sure Footing Safety Platform requires no effort from the operator. When finished using the platform it retracts with the use of a ever on the hydraulic valve bank and stows in 2.5” of vertical space, securely held in place by a patented design that requires no chains, cables or pins to be left off, lost or broken.


Design and Utility Patents Pending